Saturday, August 12, 2017

Months #2 and #3

I lost 6 pounds in month #2 and 8 pounds in month #3! This is amazing because I hurt my back trying to go for a jog in the middle of month #2 and my sciatica still hurts today. In the past, whenever I would start to exercise and try losing weight I would get injured and quit! So I haven't been able to do much working out this past month and a half, but I stuck to eating keto, and am still dropping pounds! My in-laws came to visit last week and I had a few cheat meals and after they left I was surprised at how much I gained, but then I lost it quickly after switching back to keto. The food that I miss the most since being on keto is pizza! Last night I had a bad day with my toddler being sick and I just wanted to get a little caesars deep dish for dinner. Scott kindly offered to make a keto pizza for me and since we hadn't had much luck with keto pizzas in the past, I wan't excited at all. Well, what he made was the best tasting pizza by far!! I am so excited to finally found a recipe that I like! Maybe I'll have to make another tonight!!

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